Friday, September 4, 2009

Covilhã - Portugal

After a busy week i'm back.
The postcrossing forum is under maintenance, there's nothing good on tv.... updating this blog is always a good idea to spend some time before sleeping and i've a small pile of cards to show.
Let's start with portuguese card from a city nearby. All cards have been sent by Pedro.

Covilhã is a city and a municipality in the interior of Portugal with 36.000 inhabitants.
The city is sometimes referred to as town of wool and snow, due to it's proximity to Serra da Estrela Mountain.
The church on the card is the Stª Maria Church, built in the 16th century. In 1940 the façade was covered with tiles.

And this is the Stª Cruz or Calvário Chapel, a gothic chapel built in the 15th century by Henry the Navigator, Lord of Covilhã.

These are the coat of arms of the 31 parishes that compose Covilhã's municipality.

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