Thursday, February 11, 2010


When i got home from Switzerland, I had a couple of cards waiting for me, some of them were officials. These 2 are from the USA and the Philippines.

US-599151, sent by Jeanne.
On the back of the card: "Beautiful Puget Sound, in scenic Washington State, is an arm of the vas Pacific Ocean. The Sound is nestled between the glacied Olympic Mountains to the west and the spectacular Cascade Range to the east. The crown of Washington, Mount Rainier is only 40 miles from sea level at Tacoma. The now famous and eruptive Mt. St. Helens is 70 miles south of Tacoma and 90 miles south of Seatle. Numerous interesting state ferry routes ply Puget Sound."

PH-13848, sent by Pearl.
I think this is my 1st official from the Philippines.
This card was made by Pearl and the pictures were take by one of her friends.

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