Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Zurich Meeting

A few days after the mini international meeting with Heidi, i went to Switzerland for the big international meeting in Zurich. It was really big, 24 postcrossers from 8 countries. I didn't have the change to talk to everyone and i've no idea who some of them were.
The trip to Switzerland was great, not because of the meeting itself, but because i had the opportunity to visit some really nice places and meet some great people.

The participants at the meeting were:

zasa, masito, never_summer, egni, PaulaB, Jamie1972, buebemami, emuster, Seemeitli74, vre, Giorgis, azzurri, s_unn_y, nissemor, geminiscp, martinha, Joana122, MissMaple, Tjitske, oldieoma, dst121gr, zirafka105, Violanie59, dardo.

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