Thursday, May 20, 2010

Georgetown - Malaysia

Not so long ago, Relie sent me a card from Japan, now she sent this one from Georgetown, Malaysia. She knows i collect unesco cards, that's why she sent me this card. The inner city of GeorgeTown together with Malacca, is a Unesco World Heritage Site, since 2008. I already have a card from Malacca, now i've cards from both towns.
The card shows the Kuan Yin Temple, also called the Goddess of Mercy Temple. This was the "first temple ever built in Georgetown, Penang, by Chinese settlers.The temple honours Kuan Yin, a devout Buddhist who was said to have attained the coveted state of Nirvana but had chosen, instead to remain on earth in order to provide guidance and help to those who are themselves striving to reach Nirvana. The temple interior is usually filled with the scent of sandalwood incense, burnt by devotees who visit the temple to pray and seek guidance from Kuan Yin.

"The temple also honours Ma Chor Poh, the patron saint of seafarers who was highly regarded by the Chinese settlers, many of whom had travelled great distances, crossing the seas from China to Penang.
The Kuan Yin Temple was built in the 1800s by early Chinese settlers of the Hokkien and Cantonese communities. The temple was originally named Kong Hock Keong temple (Cantonese-Hokkien Temple) and was once used not only for religious but also for social functions within the Chinese community, until the current Chinese Town Hall was constructed in the 1880's." - in:

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