Monday, May 24, 2010

May Overflow IV

I really can't complain about the cards i've been receiving. This has been a great RR so far.
These 2 cards are from Estonia and Germany. The 1st one was sent by Rita "sirelid" and the 2nd by Gabriela "gabis".

This multiview card shows castles and medieval houses from different places in Estonia. Ruins of the medieval castle in Viljandi; Three Sisters Hotel in Tallinn; Vastseliina Stonecastle and Koluveren Castle.

A german card from Hiddensee, "a carfree island in the Baltic Sea, located west of Rügen on the German coast.
The island, located 54°33' north longitude 13°07' east, has about 1,300 inhabitants. It was a popular vacation destination for East German tourists during GDR times and continues to attract tourists today with its natural beauty.
An urban legend during the GDR days says that, in order to escape the hardships of communist rule, the workers and farmers of Hiddensee wrote a letter to Stalin requesting to be annexed by Sweden
(Hiddensee belonged to Swedish Pommerania 1648-1815). Of course that did not happen, but it reflects the typical humor of people in the GDR.
The island has at least another lighthouse, but this one on the card is the Gellen lighthouse, built in 1905.

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