Sunday, May 29, 2011

Finnish Meetings cards

Postcrossing meetings are an important part of postcrossing and postcrossers life. The finns really love meetings and this month i've received 2 meetings cards, one sent by Kati "kilona" from the 6th May Meeting in Helsinki and the 2nd card was sent by Heidi "dollart" from a meeting in Jyväskylä at 14th May.

This Struve Geodetic Arc postmarked card. This a view from the observation tower on Oravivuori, which is one of the six Struve Geodetic Arc measuring points in Finland.
This round stamp has a Finland formed stamp within - when it is taken off, there stays an other stamp left, with the hole in the middle. On the sheet there is information of the six points which are situated in Finland.
Like i said, this card was sent by "kilona" and it was also signed by "huppu68", "monna", "kherya" and "msmoney".

A few days after the "First Day" meeting in Helsinki, there was another one in Jyväskylä. Heidi sent me this Dalai Lama card signed by her and "Lapinlintu", "​ManMe", "Auringonku​kka", "MiiaM", "suzie", "talas", "annet10" and "Liisa".

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