Saturday, May 28, 2011

Qasr Amra - Jordan

With this card from Jordan, i've now 545 unesco sites. That's not bad!! Next week i supposed to receive 2 from Austria and 2 from China.

Lilia "childish" tagged me 2 or 3 months ago with this card but it never reached me. She tagged me again a few weeks ago and she sent me the card related to that card and resent this unesco card. I really appreciate when people resend cards, especially unesco cards.

And this card is an hunting scene fresco, inside the Qasr Amra castle.

"Qasr Amra is the best-known of the desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan. It was built early in the 8th century (probably between 711 and 715) by the Umayyad caliph Walid I whose dominance of the region was rising at the time. It is considered one of the most important examples of early Islamic art and architecture.
It is most notable for the frescoes that remain on the ceilings inside, which depict hunting, naked women and, above one bath chamber, an accurate representation of the zodic. These have led to its designation as a Unesco World Heritage Site, one of three in the country." - in: wikipedia

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