Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sugatag - Romania

Also from Eastern Europe, there's another favorite card with the wood church in Sugatag, in the Maramures region, Romania.
The card was sent by Daniela.

"The church in Sat-Sugatag was built in oak in 1642, on the site of an earlier building. Surrounded by a charming, serene village, the compact church has an ornate gate, beautiful wooden cross graveyard, and spacious yard making it a special destination. It is rectangular in plan, with a protruding polygonal sanctuary apse, and is one of the most representative monuments of religious architecture in Maramures. The entrance at the west end is richly decorated with the twisted rope motif and geometrical elements. Only fragments of the wall paintings survive. A number of icons on glass and wood are preserved inside the church, including two, of very fine quality, painted in 1785 by Gheorghe Visovan." - in:

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