Friday, July 15, 2011

US-1179701 & US-1196175

Postcrossing is now 6 years old :D When i joined the project i never thought postcards could have such an huge impact in my life. Thanks to postcards i met some really good friends and visited a few great places. I honestly can say that i don't imagine my life without postcrossing!!

Lets keep showing cards, now an official from the US.

US-1179701, sent by Jez.
This is a card from Bailey Island, in Maine, famous for its lobster, fine scenery and Bailey Island Bridge, the only cribstone bridge in the world, completed in 1928. The unique cribstone design of the bridge permits the substantial tides of that area to flow freely through it, greatly reducing the effect that flow would otherwise have on boats transiting its narrow channel opening.

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