Saturday, November 5, 2011


I finally have a weekend free of work. This would be a nice opportunity to go somewhere but i'm satying home instead. I've lots of postcrossing stuff to update and i'll start with this blog.

I've guessed two more sentences in the hangman's game and José "pilotOne" sent me these 2 cards, one from Vidago and the other from Porto.

Photo by Oswaldo Santos.

Vidago is a town located 12 kilometers south of Chaves in the district of Vila Real, Portugal. It is famous for its mineral waters and the Vidago Palace Hotel, once a favorite of the last Portuguese kings.
The church of Our Lady of Conceição was built in gothic revival style between 1940-1942.

Photo by H.Schlemmer.

The Rabelo boats are the symbol of the famous Port Wine and the trademark of the Port Wine Cellars.These boats were invented in the 9th century and were used for transporting the products from the farms of the Douro for centuries. 1964 was the last year in which these famous Rabelo boats made the last transport barrels of Port wine from the Douro to the caves located in Gaia
Nowadays there are many companies offering short cruises on a Rabelo and you can board on the Cais da Ribeira, or on the Vila Nova de Gaia side of the river. This is a unique experience which is recommended.

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