Monday, October 31, 2011

PT RR - Group 60 * Castles/Palaces

Castles and palaces are one of my favorite themes, i had to join this group. There's a lot of portuguese castles and places that i'm still missing in my collection.

Photo: Oswaldo Santos

The Soure castle was one of the missing castles in my collection. The card was sent by José "zepombal".

It is said that the construction of Soure castle began in the 11th century. It was immediately destroyed by the Moors during a battle. One century later, it was donated to Count Fernando Peres de Trava, who rebuilt it. In the 20th century it was given to Soure Town Hall. Despite a rather complicated process regarding the deeds and the ownership of the castle, the castle became property of Soure Town Hall. The dominating architectural styles are: Medieval, Romanic, along with Gothic and Manueline influences. It is a simple castle of small dimensions. Remains of the citadel can still be seen, defined by four towers in the angles, a Suevi-Visigoth door and a Mozarab window. - in:

Photo by N. Kustos
Ninocas also joined this group and sent me this card with the Sintra City Hall building, a fine example of Neo-Manueline architecture. Built between 1906 and 1909 on the site of the demolished Chapel of S. Sebastião, its main features are the wonderful Neo-Manueline windows; a clock tower with battlements; and a panel of ceramic tiles portraying the Cross of Christ and the Portuguese coat of arms - at the top of which, is an armillary sphere. - in:

Photo by Maurício Abreu

One of my 1st meeting of this year was in this castle, Palmela castle. The Palmela Castle doesn't reveal any important architectural references, neither has it any legends. However it is mentioned by the Portuguese writer Luís de Camões in his book Os Lusíadas, which emphasises D. Afonso Henriques deed, who with only sixty worriers re conquered the castle.

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