Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Even more czech cards

Rožmberk is a castle situated in South Bohemia near Rožmberk nad Vltavou in the Czech Republic. Considered as one of the oldest castles in Bohemia, it stands on a promotory carved out on three sides by the river Vltava. It was first mentioned in 1253 in a document signed by Vok "von Rosenberg". It is regarded as the cradle of the House of Rožmberk, also known as the "Lords of the Rose", a historical Czech aristocratic family. - in: wikipedia

Karlova Koruna is a château in the town of Chlumec nad Cidlinou in the Czech Republic. The château was built for František Ferdinand Kinský from 1721-1723. Construction was completed in time for King Charles VI's coronation. František Ferdinand Kinský invited the king to the château and named the castle after the king (Karlova Koruna means Charles' crown in English). - in: wikipedia

Svatá Hora is an important pilgrimage site dominating the area of Příbram. The site with cloisters, chapels and gates around the impressive cathedral of Ascension of Virgin Mary was being built during the long period of 1658 to 1709. The project was made probably by the famous architects C. Lurago and G. D. Orsi, P. I. Bayer worked here since the beginning of the century. - in:

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