Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unesco cards from Panama

These are my 2nd and 3rd cards from Panama and both from Unesco sites missing in my list. The 1st, sent by Steffi, shows the ruins of Old Cathedral in Panama Viejo and the 2nd the Teribe Indians in Bocas del Toro, where the La Amistad International Park is located. The 2nd card was sent by Yvonne.

Distribuidora Lewis, S.A.

Founded in 1519 by the conquistador Pedrarías Dávila, Panamá Viejo is the oldest European settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas. It was laid out on a rectilinear grid and marks the transference from Europe of the idea of a planned town. Abandoned in the mid-17th century, it was replaced by a ‘new town’ (the ‘Historic District’), which has also preserved its original street plan, its architecture and an unusual mixture of Spanish, French and early American styles. -

Distribuidora Lewis, S. A.

La Amistad National Park is located in the provinces of Chiriqui and Bocas Del Toro, and extends into Costa Rica. It covers approximately 511,000 acres of mountainous terrain in the Cordillera de Talamanca mountain range. The park is famous for its cloudforests, where the trees form a canopy that creates a cool, misty atmosphere on the forest floor.
Four different Indian tribes inhabit this property and the Teribe are one of those tribes.

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