Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buchlov Castle - Czech Republic

A few weeks ago i've sent an official card to Evelina. When she wrote me her thank you message she said she had seen this blog and would like to send me a card. I sent her my message, send her another card and she sent me this beautiful card.

The Buchlov castle is a royal castle in Moravian Slovakia, which is a region in south-eastern Moravia, Czech Republic.

The castle was built approximately in the first part of the 13th century, but archaeological finds suggest that the area around Buchlov castle was settled in the oldest periods of civilization. The function of the castle was defensive, agricultural and administrative as well.

Although the castle was a permanent possession of a king until the 16th century, it was often given in pawn to aristocratic clans.

A family museum came into existence in the castle thanks to the brothers Leopold I Berchtold and Bedřich Berchtold. In the half of 19th century the museum was opened to public. In the year 1945, the castle became ownership of Czechoslovakia and was added to a list of national cultural monuments. Nowadays it is open to public. Day and night visits with many cultural programmes and actions are held during the year. - in: wikipedia

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