Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lousã Castle - Portugal

Another portuguese card and this one shows one of my missing castles. I've never seen before any cards of this castle. I'm got it thanks to Vitória, another great surprise from her :D

Photo by Oswaldo Santos

This 11th century castle, 3 km southeast of Lousã, is more correctly known as the Arouce Castle after the village of that name, abandoned around 1513. Legend has it that a King Arouce fled from a barbarian invasion of the Roman town of Conimbriga and took refuge here with his daughter and a horde of treasure. The castle played an important part in the battles against the Moors, but all that remains today are the keep, a wall and turrets, all built of the local stone, Silurian schist, except for the door decoration which is of white gritstone. - in:

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