Thursday, November 29, 2012

Old People

These cards are so cute.
A few days ago i've decided to creat an old people collection and since then i've been getting a few new cards.
I work in a nursing home and spend my days surrounded by sweet (sometimes not so sweet) old ladies and men. I really like my job and this collection is a little tribute to my elderlies!!

 © Edição Vistal - Photo by N. Kustos
I love this one. This sweet old lady reminds of an old neighbor i had in my village.
This is the future of many postcrossers, including me. I can imagine myself, 40 years from now, still patiently wainting for the postman!

 Algarve Art Collection © Edição Postalis, Lda
This card and the previous one were sent by Miguel.
I already knew the 1st card but i've never seen this one and is adorable too.

 Algarve Art Collection © Edição Postalis, Lda
 This one was sent by Paula and i've never seen it too before.

 Foto-Vista, Lda
Manú also wanted to help me with this new collection and sent this lady from Alentejo.

 © AtlanticPost - Publicidade e Artes Gráficas, Lda
 Apparently this card sent by Zé is from Algarve, but i've the same man and the same donkey on a card from Alentejo. Maybe twins, i don't think so, is more like a photoshop kind of thing.

© Edição Vistal - Photo by W. Müller
And this is a 3rd card sent by Miguel.
Thanks Miguel, Paula, Manú and Zé for the great cards.

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