Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PT RR - Group 73 * Castles

A few days ago arrived the last card of this RR. I've never been to Torres Novas and Mértola but i've been to Monsaraz a few weeks ago.

Torres Novas Castle was erected under the ruling period of D. Sancho I, allegedly upon an older fortress. Under the ruling of D. Fernando, the castle was restored. From 1374 to 1376, eleven towers were built, which were later destroyed by 1755 earthquake, along with castle’s walls. During French invasions, the castle decayed increasingly and it was totally abandoned. Nowadays it presents a polygonal plan, as well as some 14th century towers, including the keep. (National Monument) - in:
The card was sent by Tânea.

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 I'd like to visit Mértola, it seems to be a very nice place.
This beautiful card was sent by Vitória.
Mertola Castle, a medieval castle that blends Islamic, Roman and Christian influence, dominates the skyline of Mertola, Portugal. All streets here climb to this medieval castle, which stands on the highest part of a rocky outcrop overlooking the confluence of the Guadiiana and the Oeiras rivers. The rivers were a vital trade route through the Middle Ages, sought after and conquered by Phoenicians, then Romans, Visigoths, Moors and finally the Christian states. Today, walking through this charming old section of Mertola, still surrounded by medieval walls, one can see influences from all of these ancient cultures. - in:

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Ninocas sent me this beautiful view of the Monsaraz castle, view that i didn't get to see because of the bad weather, especially the fog. I really wanted to visit this village but it was a disappointing trip. The rain didn't help either. I've to visit the village again.

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