Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bagerhat - Bangladesh

This is my 1st card from Bangladesh :) Manú "sapic" is always helping me with my Unesco collection and he sent me this card of Bagerhat. The card identifies this monument as Kodla Math in Bagerhat but it is actually located in Ayodhya a village about 10 km. northwest of Bagerhat town. However, the Unesco site says that the  Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat extended for 50 km2, which means, i can consider this card as part of my Unesco collection.... i think.

The Mosque City of Bagerhat is a formerly lost city, located in the suburbs of Bagerhat city.
The historic city, listed by Forbes as one of the 15 lost cities of the world, has more than 50 Islamic monuments which have been found after removing the vegetation that had obscured them from view for many centuries. The site has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 under criteria (iv), "as an outstanding example of an architectural ensemble which illustrates a significant stage in human history". - in: wikipedia

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