Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

Besides the GTKY RR and the Simgapore meeting card, Relie also sent me these 2 australian cards from the Heard Island and McDonald Islands, which became a World Heritage Site in 1997.

These uninhabited islands are an Australian external territory and volcanic group of barren Antarctic islands and are among the most remote places on Earth.
The distinctive conservation value of Heard and McDonald – one of the world’s rare pristine island ecosystems – lies in the complete absence of alien plants and animals, as well as human impact.

Mawson Peak is a mountain on Heard Island. With its summit at 2,745 metres (9,006 ft), it is the second highest peak in any state or territory of Australia.
An active complex volcano, Mawson Peak is the summit of the Big Ben massif.

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