Monday, April 1, 2013

FI-1640424, FI-1603537 & FI-1696927

Just three officials from Finland.

Inge Löök - Paletti
 FI-1640424, sent by Tuula.
This is my very 1st Inge Löök card. Usually i don't like this kind of cards but old people are the most important people of my everyday life and i must confess, i really liked this card. I just wished my old ladies were this happy and energetic.
Inge Löök was born in Helsinki in 1951. She is both a gardener and an illustrator. Today she lives in Pernaja, Finland.
Her illustrations are mainly inspirations from her own surroundings or life. To date, there are 36 different images of the aunties.
Other favorite images are from the nature. - in:

 FI-1603537, sent by Taina.
A typical finnish snowy view.
Two words in finnish: talvi - snow; lumi - winter.

Published by Pentti Harrala Ky, Espoo - Photo by Markku Tano
FI-1696937, sent by Hilja.
After a few minutes searching on the web, i believe this is a picture of the Haapavitja rapid in the Ruunaa district.
In the Ruunaa district there is almost 20 km of water course, which include ca. 8 km of rapids and fast flowing currents.
Ruunaa rapids are part of the Lieksa river, which flows out from the vast woods of Russia.
The first two hundred meters of Haapavitja are the nicest. From the edge onwards the waters start surging down rather steeply for some hundred meters. You'll find the best spots in Haapavitja rapid by the stout blocks, which may hide a lot of trout. It is not unusual to hook over 40 cm ones there with a large-sized fish imitation fly. - in:

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