Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PL-686869 & CZ-278623

I've posted the polish card last friday but i'm posting it now with a czech card because both cards are from the Giant Mountains, a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic and the south-west of Poland, part of the Sudetes mountain system. The Czech-Polish border, which divides the historic regions of Bohemia and Silesia, runs along the main ridge.
On both sides of the border, large areas of the mountains are designated national parks (the Krkonoše National Park in the Czech Republic and the Karkonosze National Park in Poland), and these together constitute a cross-border biosphere reserve under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Programme. The River Elbe springs within the Krkonoše. The range has a number of major ski resorts, and is a popular destination for tourists engaging in downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, cycling and other activities. - in: wikipedia

PL-686869, sent by Beata.
The Karkonosze National Park in southwestern Poland is located in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in the highest part of the Sudetes. It was established in 1959.
The building we can see on the card is the Samotnia Refuge, a wooden pearl of Lower Silesian mountain refuges. The refuge is situated on the banks of the Little Pond at the height of 1195 and built in the style of mountain huts. It is the oldest shelter in the Polish mountains.
Photo by Jiri Dvorak, Janusz Moniatowicz
CZ-278623, sent by "staple".
Krkonoše National Park is located in the Liberec and Hradec Králové regions of the Czech Republic.
The Krkonoše National Park is one of the most valuable natural areas in all of Central Europe. The highest Czech mountain range, it is a unique mosaic of ecosystems which have remained here as a reminder of the ancient glacial past. This is a wonderful landscape with high mountain slopes, flat ridges, alpine meadows with colourful wildflowers, and mysterious moorlands, all presided over by the “Czech Matterhorn” – the highest Czech mountain. - in:
Because of its uniqueness this area was classified as National Park in 1963.

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