Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Murten - Switzerland

Murten (French: Morat) is a municipality in the See district of the canton of Fribourg in Switzerland.
It is located on the southern shores of Lake Morat. Morat is situated between Bern and Lausanne and is the capital of the See/Lac District of the canton of Fribourg. It is one of the municipalities with a large majority (about 75%) of German speakers in the mostly French speaking Canton of Fribourg.

 © Engadin Press Verlag, Samadan/Balgach * Foto: D. Tschantz
A town wall encircles the little town protectively. However, for a long time now the almost entirely preserved wall, the only one in Switzerland which you can walk all the way round, has not had to resist attackers, but rather has offered visitors a magnificent view of the nearby lake and the roofs of the Old Town. - http://www.myswitzerland.com/en/murten.html

© Photoglob Zürich
This building is the Rübenloch, a late Gothic-styled jewel located in the town’s main street (Hauptgasse).
The building was acquired by the town in 1874. It was to be demolished in order to provide direct access to the new railway station (the Broye Valley railway was inaugurated in 1876). Fortunately, due to lack of funds, the project was abandoned and the Rubenloch was left standing. - in: http://www.murtentourismus.ch/en/ruebenloch 

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