Monday, September 9, 2013

St. Saphorin - Switzerland

And again, cards sent by Emerich and Grace. 

Considered one of the ten most beautiful villages in Switzerland, St. Saphorin has seen several famous writers and artists pass through its cobblestoned streets. 
St. Saphorin sits perched on one of the steeper slopes of the Lavaux region and affords visitors with a spectacular view of both the French and Swiss Alps. The village is well-known for its white wine, terraced vineyards and its picturesque, winding streets.

 Like most of the villages at the upper end of Lake Geneva (lac Léman), St. Saphorin was founded around the turn of the century and inhabited by Romans. One of the village’s most distinguishing features is the existence of a thousand-year-old stone, inscribed with the date 53 AD. At this time, the village was called Glerula.

 © Photoglob Zürich * Photo: R. Gerth
According to St. Saphorin’s local website, in its early days, the village was nearly completely destroyed by rising water following a landslide. This resulted in the reconstruction on higher ground of the main church, called St. Symphoriem, which would eventually give its name to the village. Winemaking has been the main industry of this village since its founding and the steep terraced layout of the entire village reflects this focus. - in:

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