Saturday, April 12, 2014

Penedono Castle - Portugal

I fell in love with this castle when I saw an image of it for the 1st time. That was long time ago and i finally had the opportunity to visit it in 2011. It's a very small and unique castle, really worth to visit. 
This card was sent by Margarida. 

Penedono castle is located in the Portuguese district of Viseu, in the west central part of Portugal. 
In the 11th century Penedono Castle already existed, but this appearance had remained the stronghold of the late 14th century. The later centuries followed a time of progress and decline, and ultimately the state of the 18th century castle was pretty bad.
In the early 20th century Castle Penedono was classified as a national monument by decree, published on June 23rd, 1910. In 1940 a decision was taken to begin the full restoration of Penedono - the structure was strengthened and the facades and towers were restored.
Penedono Castle was built by large gray stone blocks. It also was quite an unusual triangular architectural plan and its four jagged towers are something impressive. Overall Castle Penedono is a typical medieval fort with its high walls, prisons, etc. - in:

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