Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nuremberg - Germany

Last month Ara sent 3 days in Nuremberg and she said the city is lovely. I must agree and I've to put it on my must visit list. Actually, I've just checked the map to see exactly where the city is located and not only the city itself is very interresting but there's also another worth to visit places nearby. Humm... now I'm thinking I should go to Germany again soon ;) 

 © Schöning GmbH & Co. KG  * Foto: s. Gödecke
Weinstadel half-timbered building set along the River Pegnitz.
The building was erected 1446/48 to house lepers who were allowed into the city for three days at Easter, during which time they received food and clothing and medical attention.
After ca 1571, the building was used to store wine - hence the name. It later served as workhouse and spinnery and to lodge poor families. In 1950 it was turned into student housing, whereby the internal structural substance was virtually obliterated. - in:

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