Friday, March 20, 2015


Netherlands is already in the past and now its time to think about the next destination. Lithunia is on the top of the list for my trip in september. If I really can travel there, these are two of the churches I'll see in Vilnius. St. Anne's Church (on the left) and Bernardine's Church (on the right). 

Foto: © Antanas Varanka
LT-425959, sent by Ieva. 
Church of Francis from Assisi or Bernardine church is located in Vilnius old-town on the bank of Vilnelė river. Church of Francis from Assisi together with St. Anne’s church makes up a very impressive gothic architecture ensemble.
Once forming part of the city’s original defensive walls and constructed on the site of an earlier wooden church dating from the middle of the 15th century at the behest of an order of Bernadine monks, the current vast Gothic church with Baroque and Renaissance additions dates from the early part of the 16th century onwards. - in:
St. Anne's Church, built between 1495-1500, is a Roman Catholic church in Vilnius' Old Town. It is a prominent example of both Flamboyant Gothic and Brick Gothic styles.

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