Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Presidente Prudente - Brazil

When I was about to run out of brazilian cards to post here, I get a new one. Anthony found out that there's a city in Portugal called as his surname, Almeida and he was looking for cards for there. I'm Almeida too, the city is located in my district and I've recently got a few cards from there. I've sent him a card with Almeida's Fortress and he sent me this one with the Matarazzo Cultural Center in Presidente Prudente, a city in São Paulo state.
The old space previously used for processing cotton in its golden phase of production, was carefully analyzed and architecturally appropriate environments to receive several functions simultaneously and for different audiences. It has libraries, exhibition halls, craft workshops, art academies, rooms for teaching and performing music, and ample space, reserved for digital inclusion, provided with computers and their instructors. - in:

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