Friday, June 26, 2015

Spring Meeting - Portugal

The last portuguese Postcrossing meeting took place in the 1st weekend of June in Fundão area. The meeting was called Spring Meeting but it should had been summer meeting because it was too hot.
The postcrossers there were, me; Ninocas, her husband Ricardo and son Duarte; Sofia, her kids Mafalda and Lucas, also postcrossers, her husband Milton and nephew Miguel; Zé Pombal, his wife Teresa, his daughter Lena and her boyfriend João, the newest postcrossers in the meeting; João and Eva; Paula; Edite; Zé Guedes and his wife Isabel, and Vanesa. I think I didn't forget anyone. 

This is St. Francisco Chapel in Fundão, built in 1574. 

Mailboxes and cherries may not have much in common but when a Postcrossing meeting takes place in the portuguese capital of cherries, is not so strange that Sofia wanted to creat this card with a picture taken by her nephew Miguel. 

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