Monday, October 26, 2015

Castelo de Vide Castle - Portugal

All these cards are from Castelo de Vide and all of them were sent by Vitória. This is no surprise, although Vitória lives now in Sintra, she's originally from this lovely town. 

Castelo de Vide is a town in the Alto Alentejo region..
The town is located in the foothills of the northern reaches of the hills of the Serra Sao Mamede natural park and the Alentejo plain to its north is strewn with granite boulders.

Forways, LDA
The castle's fortification encloses an area of houses which made up the original village. Later a town wall was built to encompass the town's expansion.
The castle was built by Dom Dinis and Dom Alfonso from 1280 to 1365. The castle resisted attack from the Spanish in 1704 but was later yielded to a threat by Lord Berwick. It is said that gunpowder dumped into the well exploded a year later and destroyed much of the castle. There is still an intact well next to the main castle building so it was probably rebuilt.

The castle tower is well worth the climb since it gives a clear view of the town and surrounding countryside with Marvao clearly visible in distance. - in:

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