Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Rømø Island - Denmark

Rømø is one of the island of the Wadden Sea National Park in Denmark. Since June 2014 it has constituted the Danish part of the UNESCO's Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. 
This card is also from a missing site in my collection. It was sent by Christa. 

The Wadden Sea is of particular importance because it is one of the world's most valuable tidal areas, being located in the middle of the Eastern Atlantic migratory routes. It attracts between 10-12 million migratory birds each year that use the coastline as their stopover and wintering area in northern Europe.
In addition to the birdlife, this vast wetland area with its miles of precious beaches is home to Denmark’s largest population of spotted seals, with sightings throughout the summer months being virtually guaranteed. - in: http://www.visitdenmark.co.uk/en-gb/south-jutland/nature/exploring-wadden-sea-denmarks-newest-national-park

Foto: Trojaborgs Forlag
Rømø is a Danish island in the Wadden Sea. The island has 650 inhabitants as of 1 January 2011 and covers an area of 129 km². Rømø is a popular tourist spot each year, attracted by the clothing optional beaches which can be driven on with motor vehicles legally.
Rømø is now the southernmost of Denmark's Wadden Sea Islands. It is linked to the Danish mainland by a road running across a causeway. - in: wikipedia

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