Thursday, April 7, 2016

Silves - Portugal

Silves is one of the cities in the Algarve that I really want to visit! Inês is from there and she says is worth to visit, Susana has been there and says the same. I've no idea when will I finally go to Algarve but I know for sure that I'll visit Silves. 

 Foto © Art & Concept: Gustav A. Wittich | © Edição Vistal
The origin of this town traces back to some 1.000 BC and it was already a notable place in Roman times. 
The earthquake of 1755 destroyed most of the town and its historic buildings. The remains of the Moorish castle are still impressive, and the huge underground water reservoir is still used by the city today.  On the site of a Mosque the Cathedral was built in the 13th Century and suffered significant alteration over the time.

 © Michael Howard Photography
The tumulous city of yesterday is today a quiet market town surrounded by the largest orange growing area in Portugal. Cork is processed locally. North to the fertile valleys is an area of attractive forest covered hills leading to the mountains of Monchique. The dams of Arade and Foz are well worth visiting for the beauty of their natural setting. - in:

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