Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sloup v Čechách - Czech Republic

Sloup v Čechách is a small village in the Liberec Region, north Bohemia. The village's attraction is the Sloup Rock Castle. 
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© 2014, fotografie Ladislav Renner
The Sloup Rock Castle was built probably at the end of the 13th century by House of Ronovci on a lonely inaccessible sandstone rock massive. The castle, around 1420 seat of robber knight Mikeš Pancír of Smolno, was almost impregnable because on one side it was protected by a row of ponds along the rock massive. However, the castle was conquered in the 1445 and left desolate and finally was burned down in 1639 by the Swedish army.
From the medieval structures remain only those parts carved into the rock. In 1670-1785 the dilapidated castle became a place for hermits, who adjusted it to their needs. Emperor Joseph II abolished the hermitage in end of 18th century and the Kinský noble family reconstructed the castle into a romantic summer residence. - in:
Little has been preserved of the original structure on the elevated plateau, although the spaces sunk into the rock can be clearly seen today like the dungeon, well, hermitage, passage and the terraced walkways. In the former prison, dungeon carvings have been preserved, which were dug out of the walls by former prisoners. Sloup has now become a romantic place for outings and occasionally candlelit concerts and historical jousting matches are held. - in: wikipedia

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