Monday, June 13, 2016

Lutsk Castle - Ukraine

Another card from my favorites, this one from Ukraine and sent by Maryana.

Lutsk castle, also known as Lubart’s castle, is a symbol  and the most prominent landmark of Lutsk, a city on the Styr River in northwestern Ukraine.It  appears on the 200 hryvnia bill and in 2011, this castle won the first place in the contest “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”.

Lubart Castle is a remarkable example of medieval fortification architecture, one of the oldest in not only Ukraine, but all of Europe. This is typical European medieval fortification was built in 1340 as the residence of the Lithuanian-Volyn Prince Lubart.Many rulers envied the castle’s fortifications, and for over 600 years it withstood dozens of sieges, remaining in a great condition until today. - in:

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