Sunday, July 3, 2016

Crystal Mountains N. P. - Gabon

I've to confess that I know nothing about Gabon, well, the only thing I know is that Gabon is an african country and that's it. Now I also know that the country has 13 national parks and Crystal Mountains is one of them.

Photographe: David Harwood
Crystal Mountains National Park (French: Parc National des Monts de Cristal) is a twin park and one of the 13 national parks of Gabon situated in the Monts de Crystal on the western edge of the Woleu-Ntem Plateau, between Equatorial Guinea and the Ogooué River. The twin parks, Mbe National Park and Mt Sene National Park, were established on the 4th of September 2002, based on their exceptionally high plant biodiversity and forming part of a former Pleistocene rain forest refugium. - in: wikipedia

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