Sunday, July 31, 2016

Furnas - Azores

Vera has been to the beautiful island of São Miguel last June and I'll be there next tuesday. I've been packing this afternoon and I'm ready to go... well, I still need to work tomorrow. Tomorrow, after 5 pm, I'll be officially on holidays. See you next week.
I'll visit the place on this card, Furnas, on friday. 

Furnas, comprising a lake, a valley and a village, is located inland from the south-eastern coast of São Miguel island. 
Furnas won its fame primarily from its 22 sources, consisting of mineral, sulphurous and mud sources that can be found here. Since 1630 when a powerful eruption took place, this region boasts an amazing variety of volcanic activity, among which also hot geysers (the hottest, Pêro Botelho, reaching 99°C). The thermal sources are reputed for their therapeutic qualities in the treatment of all kind of respiratory-related illnesses known up to date. The different sources can be used in balneotherapies as well as mineral water cures. Furnas Valley is crossed by two torrents, one is cold and one is warm and iron-bearing, and is considered one of Europe’s richest hydrological regions. - in:

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