Friday, August 12, 2016

Vila Viçosa Palace - Portugal

I've already been to Vila Viçosa, I've visited the palace and I already had this card. In the last days I've got a few cards that I already had... well, when you have more than 8000 that's not a strange thing to happen. 
The card I already had was unwritten and this one was sent by Gracinha. 

Nunes de Almeida Editores
Dominating Terreiro do Paço, the vast main square in the town center, is the long marble façade of the three-story Royal Palace that belonged to the Bragança dynasty. It was the birthplace of Catherine of Bragança (who later became the queen of England) in 1638, and King Carlos spent his last night here before his assassination in Lisbon in 1908. Inside is a rich mixture of English, Flemish and French tapestries, Chinese porcelain, Brazilian ebony furniture, and massive kitchens with 2000 kg of gleaming copper, with some pots and pans large enough to bathe in, and spits large enough for several oxen. There is also an armory filled with weapons and suits of armor, and a Coach Museum occupying the Royal Stables. The entrance to the royal hunting ground is through an eye-catching "knot gate," with great ropes and knots carved into stone. - in:

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