Sunday, November 6, 2016

Al Zubarah - Qatar

Al Zubarah Archaeological Site was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Listo n June 22, 2013, representing the first, and only so far, entry for Qatar.
The town of Al Zubarah, Qatar’s largest archaeological site, lies on the country’s northwest coast 85km from Doha. This now abandoned town was once a thriving cultural and political centre with an economy based on pearl fishing and trade. As one of the largest and best preserved examples of an 18th-19th century
merchant town anywhere in the Arabian Gulf, Al Zubarah is an outstanding testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the Gulf Arabs. - in:

Heidi sent me a card with Zubarah Fort,  built in 1938 and is the youngest, most prominent feature at the site. The site also includes the archaeological remains of the town, dating back to the 1760s and the settlement of Qal’at Murair, which was fortified to protect the city’s inland wells. 
The Fort now serves as a visitor centre and showcases information about the earlier town and surrounding environment.

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