Sunday, November 27, 2016

Monsaraz - Portugal

Both these cards were sent by Ninocas. The 1st card is one of the last cards she sent me, only a few days ago and the 2nd was sent many years ago. 

Monsaraz lies by the Guadiana River at the top of a hill that rises in the Alentejo plain. It was conquered to the Moors in 1167 by Geraldo the Fearless and it was given to the Templars by King D. Sancho II for its defense and settlement.
The castle of Monsaraz played for centuries the role of watchman of the Guadiana, from where one could observe the border with Castile. It was the county seat until 1838, when this function passed to the parish of Reguengos.

The medieval village of Monsaraz, protected by its walls is a small village, with its shale streets and whitewashed walls. With narrow streets and full of corners it has a breathtaking view of the Alentejo landscape and the Alqueva reservoir.

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