Monday, December 19, 2016

Westerhever Lighthouse - Germany

These last weeks I've received a lot of german lighthouses cards.

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DE-3494244, sent by Julia.
Westerhever lighthouse is located at the northwestern corner of the Eiderstedt peninsula, in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The lighthouse is a major landmark on the peninsula which is surrounded by salt marshes.
DE-5653953, sent by Butz
 It was built in 1908 and is still active. The round cast iron tower is 40 m (131 ft) high, with lantern and double gallery, mounted on a 1-story concrete base and flanked to either side by two 1-1/2 story keeper's cottages. Lighthouse painted with red and white horizontal bands; lantern, watch room, and galleries painted black. 

 This beautiful tower is one of the best-known lighthouses of the German North Sea coast. It is such a popular site for weddings that one of the keeper's cottages is a registrar's office; the other is a national park office. - in:

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