Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bijagós Archipelago - Guinea Bissau

I'm back from my holidays and with lots of new cards. Most of them were both in southern Portugal and yesterday I also got a few cards for free in a tourism fair in my city. 
Leninha also went to a tourism fair a few weeks ago, a big one in Lisbon. Next year I want to go there. 

João Vieira and Orango Grande are only 2 of the 88 islands belonging to the Bijagós archipelago in Guinea-Bissau. These islands are part of a protected area, classified by UNESCO in 1996 as a biosphere reserve. This reserve has a diverse fauna that includes, among other species, monkeys, hippos, crocodiles, wading birds, sea turtles and otters.

© Photos: Maurice Ascani
 João Vieira Island together with Poilão Island, form one of the two national parks of this archipelago. These islands are one of the most important breeding sanctuaries of sea turtles.

© Photos: Maurice Ascani
On the island of Orango lies the largest colony of marine hippopotamuses in the world. According to the religious beliefs of the local population, the hippopotamus is a sacred animal, so it can not be killed or injured.

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