Friday, May 12, 2017

Caretos of Podence - Portugal

I must say I really like this postcard. I bought it a few times and I've it now, written and stamped sent by Ana Rita.
There are very different carnivals all around the world, with more or less tradition, with masks or almost no clothes. In Podence, a village in the county of Macedo de Cavaleiros, in northern Portugal, Fat Sunday and Carnival day are the entire responsibility of the Caretos. These magical creatures who wear masks and exuberant costumes, invade the streets of the village, run, jump, dance and chase single girls.

Forways Lda
Nowadays they are a tourist attraction but the tradition was in danger of being lost in the 60s, because of the colonial war and the immigration. Fortunately, the tradition is still alive.
According to the official web site of the Caretos de Podence, the Caretos use rudimentary masks, whith a pointy nose, made of leather, wood or ordinary brass, painted in red, black, yellow or green. 
Color is one of the most visible attributes of their garments: bedspreads fringed with red, green and yellow wool, with waist-rattled straps and bell-bottomed bollards. They also use a stick to help them running and jumping.

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