Wednesday, June 14, 2017


In ten years of Postcrossing activity, this is only the 4th time I get an official card from Norway. All of them great cards, by the way. 
The most famous Glaciers in the Arctic Circle are Okstindan and Svartisen. This is a card of Svartisen, the 2nd largest glacier in Norway. 

Foto: NK/Fjellanger Wideroe
NO-147441, sent by Heidi.
The Svartisen glacier is a part of Saltfjellet / Svartisen national park, wich is Norway´s most various national park. The Svartisen glacier is 375 square kilometer, an thereby covers quite a bit of land. The glacier stretches all the way from the widths in Saltfjellet mountain area, through beautifull valleys with calm rivers, and out to fjords and steep mountains at the coast. - in:

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