Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tampere International PC Meeting - Finland

In the last days of May, between 26 and 28 May, a Postcrossing meeting was held in the Finnish city of Tampere. The meeting had a small but important Portuguese representation, Ana & Paulo, and Paula & Vitória. They sent me postcards and I've got another one sent by Heidi. 

© Virpi Pekkala
Finland celebrates its centenary this year and to celebrate it, a number of activities have been carried out throughout the year. One of them was FINLAND 2017 - an international stamp exhibition.

Foto: Kati Koskinen
Finlandia 2017 was partially the venue for Tampere International Postcrossing Meeting as well. The theme for the last day of Finlandia 2017 was Postcrossing.

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