Friday, August 4, 2017

Meeting with Luzia in Lisbon

Last May Luzia from Brazil visited Portugal with her husband and she met some of her postcrossing friends. I also met her, but not in Lisbon, we met in Coimbra. 
Her meeting in Lisbon was quite big and international. She met Leninha, Paula, Joaninha, Edite, Ana Maria, Luís, Zé, Gracinha, Vitória and Inês from Portugal, Vanesa from Spain and Raquel, a portuguese living in Belgium. 

This 1st card was sent by Leninha. An ilustration of St. Jorge Castle with a few typical characters of Lisbon. 

Mafalda Silva © Forways Lda
Gracinha sent me a card with some typical symbols of the portuguese capital, a kiosk, Fernando Pessoa statue, the trams, tiles and the traditional portuguese pavement, known as calçada. 

© New Jump Lda
One of the best known monuments of Lisbon is Jerónimos Monastery. 
This is an highly ornate monastery that is situated in the Belém, western Lisbon. This grand religious building was historically associated with the early sailors as explorers, as it was from here that Vasco da Gama spent his last night before his voyage to the Far East.
The card was sent by Zé. 

Luís sent a night view of Restauradores Square. This large square commemorates the country's liberation from 60 years of Spanish rule in 1640.
Beautiful trams in beautiful Commerce Square. 
Vitória sent me this card and used a stamp with the cathedral of my city.

© 2007 Edições 19 de Abril * Manuel. M. Pinturache
Another tram, this one crossing Augusta Street.
This last card was sent by Vanesa.

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