Friday, October 13, 2017

Churches in Auvergne - France

Another postcard that Oscar bought on his way from Switzerland to Portugal. Unfortunately, he didn't visit any of these churches in the french region of Auvergne.
These are the churches:
- Church of Saint Astremonius in Issoire, 12th century;
- Church of St. Nectarius, in the city with the same name. Also dates from the 12th century;
- Basilica of Our Lady of Orcival in Orcival, also of the 12th century and Romanesque as the previous two;
- Clermont-Ferrand Gothic Cathedral;
- Basilica of Our Lady of Port, also in Clermond-Ferrand. It was built and rebuilt in Romanesque style between the 6th and 12th centuries;
- Cathedral of Saint-Flour. Built between 1398 and 1466 in Gothic style.

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