Friday, May 18, 2018

Dubai Marina - UAE

In April Heidi travelled to Dubai to take part in an international para-badminton tournament. The tournament went quite well and she won a few medals. Heidi won medals and I won a postcard. 

In a city that’s full of awe-striking buildings, Dubai Marina stands out as the home to some of Dubai’s newest and most fascinating buildings and attractions where visitors can relax in comfort and luxury along the waterfront.

Dubai Marina is a relatively new attraction in Dubai. It’s characterised by a dramatic skyline of skyscrapers and residential apartment blocks, and looks particularly impressive when illuminated at night. With many constructions still in development, Dubai Marina is changing all the time but there’s always something for visitors to explore and enjoy.
One of the best ways to see Dubai Marina is simply to walk around it. The marina area has been built with several kilometres of walkways (...). - in:

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