Thursday, May 31, 2018

International Postcrossing Meeting in Lisbon

Since 2018 started we had postcrossing meetings in Portugal almost every month. Portuguese postcrossers love meetings. I love them too but, unfortunately, I haven't been to many.
Earlier this month, an international meeting was held in Lisbon bringing together postcrossers from several countries. Besides the portuguese, there were postcrossers from Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece and Germany.

Image courtesy of Pedro Neves * the postcrossing logo is a registered trademark
For this meeting it was designed this beautiful postcard and in addition, CTT, the portuguese mail service, made a special postmark to celebrate this meeting. Hallelujah CTT, it was about time to pay some attention to Postcrossing.
This postcard was sent by Gracinha. Ninocas and Inâs also sent the same postcard. Honestly, I don't mind that the postcard is the same, what really matters is their intention and friendship. 

Vitória also remembered me. Although trams are one of the most recognizable symbols of Lisbon, Vitória chose this postcard not because of the tram but because of the old lady :) Another card for my collection of old people.

The first postcard to arrive from this meeting in Lisbon was this postcard from Batalha, sent by Raquel. She came from Belgium, the postcard came from Batalha, was signed in Lisbon and came to the Guard.
Thank you all for the beautiful postcards.

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