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Turku castle - Finland

It's official, I'll travel to Finland in June and I'll visit Turku. I'm really looking forward to finally travel to Finland and meet a few friends there. 
Turku is the third largest city in Finland but was once the capital of the country, from 1809 to 1812, and was the largest city in terms of population until the late 1840s.
One of the city's attractions is its castle, one of the largest medieval buildings in the country.
I guess I won't need to buy postcards of the castle. These were sent by Anna-Maria, Laura and Marita.

Photo: Pentti Harala
Turku Castle is a more than 700 year old historical monument. It has stood guard over the river Aura estuary since the 1280’s. Its granite stone walls hold within them the history of Finland, Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

 The history of Turku Castle begins in the 1280's. During the centuries the fortification gradually changed into a grand greystone palace.

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In 1556, King Gustav Vasa named his son Johan Duke of Finland. The era of Johan marked a new phase in the construction of the Castle. The renaissance halls were built during this period, which also marked the beginning of the reneissance era in Finland.

 Foto: Markku Roisko
FI-1422214, enviado pela Laura.
In the 17th century, the Governor General of Finland Per Brahe held court in the Bailey. Gradually the administrative centre moved out of the by then old castle, and gave way to a prison. It also served as a storehouse and as barracks.

 In the 1941 bombings the castle was left in ruins. After the end of the war restaurations began. Nowadays the periods of construction can be seen in labyrinthine passages, walled up doors and windows and in mysterious staircases. - in:

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