Tuesday, June 3, 2008

African Day

What a nice day, 2 new countries from Africa, Namibia and Senegal :)

This is my 1st official card from Africa. ZA - 2728 sent from South Africa by Sandy but the card is from Namibia.

This is the Damara dik-dik the smallest antelope in Namibia, only 30-40 cm's in height and 3-6 kg's weight.

This Senegal card was sent from Germany by Joana "neojojo". It shows the return of the fishermen in M'Bour. "M'Bour or Mbour is a town on the Petite Côte in Senegal, lying approximately 80 km south of Dakar. M'bour's harbour is the 2nd most important harbour in Senegal, after Dakar." - in wikipedia.

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