Friday, June 27, 2008

Unesco cards... again, and...

Another great day :P 2 new unesco cards sent by Anne "nanou" and a tag card sent by Suvi "suzie". Amazing cards, all of them. Thanks Anne and Suvi.

"The Place Stanislas is a large pedestrianized square in Nancy, Lorraine, France. Since 1983, the architectural ensemble comprising the Place Stanislas and the extension of its axis, the Place de la Carrière and Place d'Alliance, has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The square was a major project in urban planning imagined by Stanisła Leszczyński, Duke of Lorraine and former King of Poland-Lithuania Commonwealth. The square would also be a place royale to honor his son-in-law, Louis XV. The design linked two handsome buildings that already existed, the Hôtel de Ville, now centered on its grand square, and the Hôtel du Gouvernement. The seat of city government and the seat of ducal government faced one another as complements through a series of rational, symmetrical, yet varied urban spaces unequalled in Europe at the time.
Construction began in March 1752 and ended in November 1755." in:

"The Völklingen Ironworks is located in the German town of Völklingen, Saarland. In 1994, it was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.
In 1873, Julius Buch began planning of a steel works near Vöklingen on the banks of the Saar river. However, this planned work was not completed. In 1881, Carl Röchling began new construction. Two years later the the first smelter began operation.
Today, the Völklinger Hütte is a museum. The Ferrodrome is an interactive science center focusing on the making of iron. Visitors can tour the production areas. In addition, temporary exhibits, on a variety of topics are hosted in the large power halls. In the summer, there are occasional concerts held. In 1986, operation ceased." - in:

Isn't this cute little one just adorable??! I love animals but i don't like animal cards that much but..... i loved this one!! 2 months ago i've seen and touched an hedghog for the 1st time and i completely fell in love for these animals, they are so cute. I guess Suvi read my mind :P


Ana said...

ohhhhh, you've touched an hedgehog??!! how was it??
Ive been wanting to do that for years!! ive seen several in my backyard and i always had the urge to touch it or caress it over its pricks, since whenever i see them they always seem so vulnerable and so scared, and i simply get the desire to take it as a pet and take care of it!

Martinha said...

How was it?? Well, i had to wait 27 years too found out these beautiful animals and it was great. I didn't hold the little one, someone else did, so no worries about the spines. I touched it's nose, which wasn't easy to find because he rolled into a tight ball :) It was really cute.